Suicide Prevention Resources


Virtual Hope Box App

Virtual Hope Box contains simple tools to help with coping, relaxation, distraction, and positive thinking.  Available on IPhone and IPad.


MY3 App

With MY3, you define your network and your plan to stay safe. With MY3 you can be prepared to help yourself and reach out to others when you are having thoughts of suicide.  Remember: there is hope and a life to look forward to, even in your darkest moments. MY3 can help you get through your most difficult times.


Woebot App

Woebot is an automated conversational agent (chatbot) who helps you monitor mood and learn about yourself. Drawing from a therapeutic framework known as Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Woebot asks people how they’re feeling and what is going on in their lives in the format of brief daily conversations. Woebot also talks to you about mental health and wellness and sends you videos and other useful tools depending on your mood and needs at that moment.

Woman on Computer

7 CUPS - Connecting to Caring Listeners for free emotional support is an online emotional support service. Through a secure, anonymous bridging technology, we connect those in need of emotional support with our network of Active Listeners, individuals from all walks of life who want to provide compassionate care.

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Therapist Addressing Suicide Ideation

Julia Harkleroad presented at All Hands in KC on November 3, 2019.  In this practical and action oriented video, Julia speaks candidly about tactics that can save your life -  having a support person that you promise to reach out to in dark moments, mind and body synergy, breathing with focus on exhale, shocking your system out of darkness with cold, getting into a public place when you are struggling, telling someone what you are thinking, making your environment safe, getting/staying sober, sleep, pleasant events checklist, focus on others, temporarily stopping social media and finding professional help.   

Julia had commented when you go from "thinking about it" to developing a plan, it is time to get help.  Please ask for help.  How different our lives would be if Chad had simply said "I need your help".  For more information: 

Head in Hands

Seize the Awkward!

Learn how to find out if your friend is struggling with their mental health

Group of Friends

Preventing Youth Suicide:  Tips for Parents and Educators

National Association of School Psychologists 

This is one of the very best documents we have seen...

Sunrise over the Wheat Field

Suicide Ideation Safety Plan

Girl Gazing

10 Things to Say to a Suicidal Person

Speaking of Suicide Website


Yoga for the Mind and Body

Yoga with Adriene

"Pay attention to your self-talk; Is it loving?".  This yoga video is entitled "Thought".  We passionately wish Chad would have embraced yoga.   Breath and connection of mind and body are powerful anxiety reducers. Adrienne has MANY videos to reduce stress - we enjoy her 30 days series called TRUE!

Lacrosse Players

The Harrells address Blue Valley Eastside Lacrosse - April 9, 2019

Give someone a chance to help.


Church of the Resurrection
Easter Service of Hope - April 21, 2019

We found great hope and comfort from Pastor Adam's Easter sermon.  The Harrells, Timmons and Dr. Todd White, Blue Valley School District Superintendent, are featured at 37:15 of this sermon.  Thank you, Pastor A-Dog!


Teens are increasingly depressed, anxious, and suicidal

How Can We Help?


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)
Wall Street Journal - 1/22/19

Suicide is often impulsive.  Research shows, If you ask someone if they are thinking of suicide, it will not give them the idea and they will do it.  DBT helps patients build a life that they experience as worth living.


Read on... 



“A recent study asked suicide attempt survivors what's the one thing someone could have said to you to make you change your mind? And their answer was “Do you want to hang out?"

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Wall Street Journal - David Brooks

Some people believe the falsehood that if we talk about suicide, it will plant the idea in the minds of vulnerable people. The first thing to do, Agnes advises, is validate their feelings: “I can only imagine what you’re feeling right now.” Then ask directly: “Are you thinking about ending your life?”.



Together, we will share the message that there are Zero Reasons Why suicide should be an option. There are Zero Reasons Why we can’t turn to each other for help, Zero Reasons Why we shouldn’t remind our friends we value them, Zero Reasons Why parents should be afraid to talk to their kids about complicated topics, and Zero Reasons Why we shouldn’t know what resources are available.

Creating a Movie

"Please Stay"

Blue Valley North High School Broadcast Department made this video to help continue the discussion of Suicide Prevention. In this conversation, they feel sometimes student voices are lost, so they wanted to make something that is for students and by students about this topic. 


Notes of Encouragement 

BVN students provide small acts of kindness with notes of encouragement, gratitude and thankfulness to teachers, administrators and students.

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It's time to start talking about mental illness.  

Start here.


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