Cloud 9 Productions

Theater for social change combines classic storytelling with a style that is distinctly post modern and experimental. We are committed to providing a voice to the voiceless through the stories we tell. We are a team of young actors, directors, writers, filmmakers, dancers, stage and set designers, lighting and sound designers - that have come together ready and passionate to make a wave of change in the 21st century.

College theaters, high school theaters, coffee shops, street performances, backyards and big stages - find us telling our story and making a wave in a location near you. 


I Could Take a Nap...

“ I Could Take a Nap...” is a play that addresses the suicide epidemic occurring in the greater Kansas City area. This performance aims to give a voice to the many faces that mental illness can wear, highlight the importance of suicide prevention, and prompt a discussion of what can be changed in our society. A narrative that focuses on the teen everyone thinks is okay, and what happens to those left behind. The summer tour of our production is oriented toward connecting with communities and telling the story that needs to be told and discussed. This summer our production will be going on tour to tell our story in cities across the country. We are continuing our work to shed light on the suicide epidemic. Together, we strive for a better world. We are in pursuit of a happier tomorrow, for every soul.


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