Partnering with Innovators

Collaborative & Innovative

Cloud 9 Productions

Through a theatrical experience: combining video, movement, text, and original music, we aim to tell a story that is both captivating and compelling. A story with a clear aim and focus—to prevent suicide among teens. We believe this method of storytelling holds a hopeful potential for a new route to approaching this epidemic. Our goal is to tell a story that shifts how suicide signs are viewed, that brings awareness, and that reveals the pain preceding and following suicide. Our goal is to use theater as a platform for social change and emotional education.


Stand Up For Your Sis

Stand Up For Your Sis (SUFYS) strives to eliminate the facade of neatness where individuals believe that there is weakness in vulnerability and hardships. 

SUFYS focuses on eliminating the facadeand other barriers that keep students from sharing their struggles through an interactive workshop and discussion.  Reaching over 5000 girls, SUFYS effectively conveys that you matter and that you aren't alone.  


Partnering with our Schools

Making A Difference

Blue Valley School District

KTSA and the Blue Valley School district have partnered to implement innovative programs from Kindergarten thru 12th grade. With a focus on resiliency, happiness and coping skills, "the whole child" is the focus of our efforts.


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